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19 Jun 2021

This course is for those who want to dedicate their time and energy in film making and animation. We will cover every aspect of cinematography and 3D animation with motion graphics. At the end of this training, students will be able to handle a project(Film, Music Video, Animation) from start to finish without fear. 




12 - 14 Months



12 - 14 Months

Saturdays only

4hrs Morning Session



Course requirements

  • Students are required to come with two passport photographs along with a 2000 naira for the registration form.
  • The student should also come with a stable Computer laptop with a minimum operating system of 64bit(Windows 7,8 or 10)


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19 Jun 2021

#Our Logo

Our logo represents the ascension of our people into a world of perspective, freedom, and creative energy.
The blue sky shows a world of endless possibilities, while the incomplete circles in varying sizes, representing the sun, is the creative energy source(Earlybell). This affords the high flying bird (the scholar) enough exposure to break barriers and maximize their creative potentials.
At Earlybell we believe everyone has talent and potential. That’s why we teach with an open mind because we know that learning is possible.

#Brand Guidelines

Horizontal Structure
This combination logo forms the signature for Earlybell. This logo can be used in any media, print or digital. Although the icon and typeface can be used separately where necessary, it’s important to strictly follow the guideline as illustrated above. X is used as the basis of measurement.
The free space helps to avoid clutter. Clarity and good exposure is needed wherever the logo is to be placed.

#Brand Guidelines

Vertical Structure
This version is an alternative to the Earlybell signature. Use where appropriate.

#Brand Guidelines


Logo Structure with Typeface inside
This version is useful when projecting the name ‘Earlybell’ as well as its logo at this same time, in areas with limited widths in any visual design. In this version, the typeface is shrunk and neatly placed inside the icon. To balance the design, the bird is proportionally reduced from x to 0.89x in widths and slightly shifted upwards by 0.15x in order to accommodate the typeface at height 0.35x. This version can only be used in considerably large sizes so as to preserve the visibility qualities of the typeface. User’s discretion is advised.

# color palette

 These are our colors. They are bright and support a good learning environment. These colors should be maintained and should not be altered. They can form the background of any visuals and can be combined to create great design.


We are fun, approachable, and creative. We love the way we are and we want to also show it through our typography. We chose the Architects Daughter typeface because it allows you to warm up to us, get in that creative space, and speed up the learning curve.
When we want to be very formal, we use the Century Gothic (Regular) typeface. It is simple and clean with good readability.
Architects Daughter

#Colour Control & Usage

Full color

Full color on black background

The full-colour logo can only appear on a white or black background as illustrated above. Avoid using any other color in our palette as background because it may cause visibility problems.

One color

Use this strictly on white background as illustrated.

Two Colours

Use this strictly on black background as illustrated. 

Typeface Only variations

Use this strictly on white background as illustrated.

Typeface Only variations on black background

Use this strictly on black background as illustrated.

Logo Only variations

Use this strictly on black background as illustrated.

Logo Only variations on black background

Use this strictly on black background as illustrated.

Logo Only with Typeface inside

Use this strictly on white background as illustrated.

Logo Only with Typeface inside on black background

Use this strictly on the black background as illustrated.
The Earlybell icon and typeface can be expressed in only one color, two-color, and full-color options in the exact way they have been explained in this guide. Sizes may vary based on purpose. Use discretion to ensure that logo stays visible at all times. If it is necessary to further reduce logo, then the icon should be dropped and the only logotype should be used.

This guide was created to ensure a consistent visual display of our Logo, its colors, and meaning. It is important to strictly adhere to all the guidelines as this will have a great impact on the brand.


 [spvideo height="220"][/spvideo]


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19 Jun 2021

Adobe Photoshop has been in existence since 1988. This fantastic software was created by Thomas and John Knoll. This software is an industry-standard for raster graphics. Motion picture editing/animation has also been implemented with the use of the timeline in Adobe Photoshop.


Initially, people use Adobe Photoshop as an image editing tool. During this process, a user will be able to perform some editing work on a particular image. Users make use of Photoshop to retouch photos, remove pimples, highlight, and stray hairs, reduce bags under eyes, bloodshot eyes, lighten teeth, increase eye size and even swap out or change an image background.

Today Adobe Photoshop has gone far in functionality beyond image editing. People today use software to do so many things. Such as:

  • Image Editing
  • Image Manipulation
  • Image Enhancement
  • Image Processing
  • Logo Designing
  • Website user interface design
  • Conceptual design
  • Digital painting
  • Timeline animation
  • Brochure design
  • Flyer design
  • 3D designs



As of 1988, the demo version of Photoshop 0.07 was released, although not for public use.  By March 1989 first version 0.87 was distributed commercially by the scanner company Barneyscan.  Version 1.1 came out in February 1990 and by June 1991 version 2.0 was made even better with CMYK Color, Paths, and EPS Rasterization. The above versions of Photoshop can only run with the Macintosh operating system. 

Version 2.5, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 7.0 & 7.0.1 was able to run on both Mac OS and Windows making Adobe Photoshop a cross-platform software. As of 2002 Camera RAW 1.X, the Optional plugin was introduced to Photoshop for better enhancement. Additional tools such as vector shapes, liquify, Layer, styles/blending options dialog with the healing brushes were added to Photoshop.


CS (Creative Suite) came out in October 2003 with much better features than the later versions. By 2005 CS2 (9.0) was introduced with HDRI (High dynamic range imaging) and the ability to support 32 bit per channel floating point. CS3 EXTENDED came out in April 2007 followed by CS4 around October 2008 and CS5 by April 2010.

CS6 EXTENDED came out in May 2012 with a lot of features. This features includes:

  • User interface redesign
  • Auto and background saves
  • Content-aware Patch and Move tools
  • Blur Gallery includes tilt-shift, Iris, and field that can be used to create depth of field effects
  • Color Range: skin tone and face detection
  • Adobe Camera RAW 7.0
  • Enhanced crop tool with straighten option
  • New properties panel that can be used to vary properties of adjustment layers
  • Enhanced video support
  • Oil Paint filter now ships with the program
  • Adaptive Wide Angle filter
  • Paragraph and Character Styles
  • Built-in support for Middle Eastern languages
  • Updated Printing UI
  • 3DLUT adjustment
  • Overhauled vector tools including stroking of vector paths, dotted or dashed
  • Snap to Pixel for vector tools and transforms
  • 3D UI completely redid, now easier to use

CS6 EXTENDED runs with mac and windows SP3.

Finally CC (Creative Cloud) 14.0 was released in June 2013, CC 2014 (15.0) followed in June 2014. By the middle of the 2015 version, CC 2015 with more adjustment and User Interface friendly design was out. Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 came out in December 2016. The latest version of Adobe Photoshop is CC 2017 (18.1.1 or 20170425.r.252) which was updated by April 2017 with better features than the later versions.

Graphic designers and digital artists have a lot of wonderful work with the software and many are still learning how to create fantastic designs with Adobe Photoshop.

Don’t be left behind!

Start learning today!!

For your professional training on Adobe Photoshop click here…


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19 Jun 2021

Anybody can be called an artist. Animators interpret life. Great animators communicate imaginative ideas using moving text, symbols, images, and characters to express their thoughts. Despite the ease and flexibility of 3D animation tools, 2D animation is not underestimated as most industries are desirous to advertise their company’s products and services via website, movie, and television commercial.

19 Jun 2021

Learning beyond the scope of handling cameras and light placement is what we offer in the school. We use industry-standard equipment to teach our students in a practical way. This course covers Basic and advances camera handling and imagery motion pictures.

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Music Video

3D Animation Sample

Animation Sample

Student Showcase



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