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28 October 2020

This field has been at the forefront of ICT for a very long time,

28 October 2020

Join the next generation of web and mobile application development. We will teach from the fundamentals to advanced mobile and web programming.

28 October 2020

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28 October 2020
  1. Vector Images are resolution independent because they are resizable without loss of quality. Raster images on the other hand are resolution dependent and cannot be sized up or down extensively without degrading the picture quality.
  2. Vector is defined as a type of graphics in term of 2D point that are connected by lines, curves to form polygons and other shapes, while Bitmap is a graphic type that represents a rectangular grid of pixels, viewable via monitor, paper or other raster display medium.
  3. The file size of a Vector image is comparatively less than a Bitmap one.
  4. Vector Images are completely editable where the shapes and colors can be changed, deleted or created using a Vector application (adobe illustrator, corel draw etc) without affecting the picture quality. Bitmap editing applications too exist, but these may be able to edit the raster images up to an extent and not entirely like Vectors.
  5. Acronym of Vector file are .ps, .ep, .ai, .cdr, .svf, .svg etc. bitmap acronym are .jpg, .gif, .png, .tiff, .psd and others
  6. Raster image file formats are not completely beatable though. Photo-realistic images can be represented better using Raster Format photographs. Vectors on the other hand may not appear photo-realistic, though simple objects if recreated carefully can replicate realistic images. Realistic graphics created in Vector images share all the advantages of Vector formats like resolution independence.
  7. Vector graphics use mathematical formulas to draw lines and curves that can be combined to create an image, whereas Bitmap graphic does not.
  8. If a photograph can communicate your idea or concept, you should stick to Bitmap images. Logos, Icons, Clipart and abstract images should be purely Vectors. Vectors can be ideal for Logos and Clipart as they may need to be scaled up to fit on something as small as a business card or perhaps on something as big as a billboard.
  9. It is possible to edit images without reducing the quality in Vector graphic and the reverse is the case of Bitmap graphic.
  10. In terms of colour, bitmap graphics are best for images that need to have a wide range of color gradations, such as photographs. Vector formats, on the other hand, are better for images that consist of only a few areas of solid color such as logos and type (text). This also means that vectors can't create realistic gradients, and although some vector softwares will allow it, they are actually using raster effects on the vector graphic.

So after all that what we can say is that neither vector or bitmap is a better format than the other but rather that each format has its advantages and disadvantages. The main thing is that once you know what these advantages and disadvantages are you can make an informed decision on which format is the right one for your design project. Vector or Bitmap... It's your choice!

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28 October 2020

Freelancing is like a breath of fresh of air. It breaks the monotony of the routine schedules and helps us to follow our passion. There is no joy beyond the thrill excitement and satisfaction we attain. Every person is an entrepreneur by birth and we genetically formed them to be one. Education and exposure have urged people to follow their dream. Now people are looking forward to having a career in freelance graphic design because of its benefits. Today, Graphic design is fast growing and highly demanding in the design World. The increased need for the promotional and marketing collaterals has sky rocketed the scope of industries. To work as a freelance graphic designer we must understand the techniques of freelance design. Here are five ways;


  1. Get Acquitted to Yourself: Being a freelance graphic designer is not by understanding color gradients, tools in Photoshop or other graphic applications. You should also have deep knowledge dealing with the clients fantasies. The first step in the process is realizing one’s strength and weakness. Some people are more inclined towards creativity while others are pragmatics and forwarding thinking in their approach and a few has learned the knack of balancing both. It is always advisable to understand your film point before starting a venture. It is also appreciable to acknowledge them right from day one immediately you make up your mind to work as a graphic design freelancer.


  1. Your Portfolio is Your Guide: As a graphic designer the first hurdle would be how to keep the business coming and moving progressively. Most of us have the same ideology when it comes to starting new business but keeping record of your past and present work for future prosperity use to be challenging. This is why it is always advisable for graphic design freelancers to always collate their works in a file or package in the form of portfolio. This will also describe their years of experience in the design field. The magical key lies in your hands and the clues lies in your contact file “Portfolio”. Clients will be persuaded to patronize you after goind through your portfolio and others.


  1. Client Matters: Every successful business depends on the effective relationship you have with your clients. Despite the fact that we have our perception about design and consider ourselves expert in it, the clients’ happiness should always be your priority. This is because clients mostly think they are right and have their self-described opinion of every design terminologies known to man. Fluent communication is the first step for efficient customer service cos’ this brings more referrals to your graphic design business. Avoid unnecessary conflict from inception because it is better to be reliable and productive. Continual apology and excuses do not only reduce patronage of clients but also send them away forever. Though some clients could be funny at times but with maximum patient and understanding you will definitely breakthrough.


  1. Be the Change: The survival of the fittest defines the evolution, however no rule state that. The most qualified is not always the strongest. The market and the customer trends are constantly evolving on a daily basis .The same logic also applies to the advancement in the field of graphic design. Development and updates in the software industry are quite common. How we keep up with the trends and still maintain our graphic potential is by implementing new idea with the available materials and tools thereby solving tomorrow’s problem today.


  1. Be the Black Sheep: How do you establish a place for yourself in the high competitive graphic design industries. Every year thousands of freelance designers venture and begin their career in the field. Since graphic design is slightly competitive, you can stay ahead of others in the race by being unique and highly creative in your graphic skill. The World will definitely recognize and recommend you with your style and you could be the black sheep freelance designer among others that clients would always consult for solution in their design problems.


These are the suggested fives ways of making money as a freelance graphic designers. Even the most innovative person in the world could attain the saturated point once he has passion for solving problem with his/her design skill. I also want to make it known to you all that making money as a freelance designer does not happen within a night. It is a gradual process that calls for maximum patient.  So enjoy your money while you grow rich in a slow and steady phase.

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