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28 Mar 2019


Despite the fact that Google SketchUp has many important features for creating both interior and exterior structures, most people in the design field are still facing a tough time with that complicated 3d software out there. Some of the six reasons why you should use SketchUp for building drawing are listed and explained below;

  • Flexibility

With the Pencil tool on SketchUp, it is easy and very flexible to draw your designs because it’s designed to behave like an extension of your hand. You can easily spot all the editing tools on the toolbar thus making it easy to use. It is a user-friendly interface and its flexibility saves a lot of time for the user when coming up with designs and models. 

  • Utilizing the 3D Warehouse

The SketchUp 3D Warehouse is a collection of 3D models in many different categories such as buildings, vehicles, furniture, toys, and many other objects. The collection is completely free for public use and is continually expanding. The database has models contributed by 3D enthusiasts and product manufacturers from all over the world. It is possible to find in the collection of famous landmarks, familiar objects, as well as imaginary creations, and creative creations. Any person may contribute a model to the 3D Warehouse or create a portfolio of 3D modeling projects by posting examples of work made in SketchUp. The 3D Warehouse links to and works with an existing Google account and users may simply log in to create a space to share 3D models publicly. 

  • Importing and Exporting

3D models can also be imported or exported. This feature is helpful for collaborating with different users, for example, each user could design an object to be inserted into a room and they could all be imported to create one design in the end. There are also ways of importing and exporting 3d models to and from different design applications. These features are only available in the pro version. 

  • Views

            Using SketchUp, it is easy to demonstrate what is meant by coplanar or non-coplanar surfaces. This could also be done without software by simply using a flat surface, like a table or a chalkboard. SketchUp is good for reinforcement since it can be manipulated to view surfaces and solids from any direction. This capability enables the user to view the front, back, top, bottom, and side (left or right) of a solid. The user can also interact with the software quite easily by using the orbit tool. The orbit tool allows the user to rotate and change views of a solid dynamically.

  • High-quality rendering with Vray

There is a reason why V-Ray has become the industry standard across all sectors that use 3D modeling. No other rendering software or plug-in can achieve a realistic look quite like it. V-Ray creates stunningly clean textures and has a color palette that shows exactly how a model would look in the real world. It adds an air of quality to your end product that no other rendering software can match thereby making Sketchup models very realistic. 

  • Link actual location of drawings with google earth on SketchUp:

With this feature, you can preview your model in Google Earth, import Google Earth Files (.kmz) into SketchUp, and also add a “geolocation” to your model which will bring Google Earth landscape into SketchUp and quickly model from a google earth image.

SketchUp is very viable to use when working on three-dimensional projects for both architectural and interior design. This is because the available tools and features make work to be easier, faster, and convenient. So go try SketchUp today and come back here to tell me “Thank you” for the information.

Good luck. Click here to learn google SketchUp

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