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26 January 2022

The daily use of motion graphics in the multimedia industry cannot be overemphasized. Every day, new software programs are introduced to accommodate the evolving trends in motion graphics. Brands are constantly developing ideas on how to market and sell their products and services, which has led to increased advertising.

26 January 2022
[spvideo height="220"]https://youtu.be/j4dfm0zXofM[/spvideo]

In this tutorial, am going to show you a quick and easy way to light up a scene in Autodesk Maya and Render your work out.

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26 January 2022
[spvideo height="220"]https://youtu.be/rbDWW3IXkbQ[/spvideo]

In this tutorial am going to show you how to edit rendered image sequence from Autodesk Maya in Adobe Premiere Pro.

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26 January 2022
[spvideo height="220"]https://youtu.be/vqIENg0IGDA[/spvideo]

Final output for Ghost table tennis animation.

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